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Restaurant "Ladoga"

Restaurant  «LADOGA» - is a gastronomic diamond that was faceted with variety of Russian dishes framed by historical buildings of the “Ladozhskaya usadba”. Spacious, light, domestically comfortable and warm two-storied restaurant  «LADOGA» will undoubtedly become one of the best in Karelia. 

 «LADOGA» - is a conceptual restaurant. Variety of tastes of Russian menu of the new restaurant will turn head of the most sophisticated gourmet. Aromatic  thick borsch, freshly prepared fish soup, succulent  shashlik made of high quality meat,  appetizing smoked fish – all these are flagships of the new restaurant menu. Besides delicious dishes, the wine kaleidoscope is waiting for the guests – best world trademarks and brands are collected in large wine list. 

Distinctive feature of the new restaurant is its design. In combination with modern tendencies while designing the rooms the new restaurant that was reconstructed according to historical photographs of the master’s estate of the Nissinens, it will plunge you into the atmosphere of estate, wrap you up with the spirit of Priladozhskaya usadba of the end of XIX century. On the first floor of the restaurant there is a spacious light hall, twined with picturesque weeping willows that create special mood. Comfortable sofas, flimsy laced tablecloths that were made manually by famous Karelian handywomen, big crystal chandelier, crockery in the style of ancient Usadba – all these aesthetic details submerge people in the world of tranquility and delight.  For those guests who strive for special solitude the second lounge store was built. Here you can relax on the sofa watching the paintings that were drawn by artists and representing revived views of old Ladozhakaya usadba, watch TV, read favorite book.

VIP hall of the new restaurant is an expressive feature of “LADOGA” restaurant portrait. The hall houses 10 persons and contributes to a special mood.  VIP-hall of “LADOGA” is an ideal place for business negotiations conducting or for celebrating a holiday in the narrow circle of friends in the atmosphere of comfort and sacrosanct personal space. 

In spite of small roominess of the new restaurant it is comfortable in every it’s zone. Spacious hall, large restaurant halls where about 100 persons can be housed comfortably, separate bar, two green terraces with almond trees and shrubby roses - everything was designed for your rest. 

It is pleasant to celebrate every holiday in the new “LADOGA” restaurant. There is a separate dance floor and place for musical band performances. Marriages, jubilees, corporate events, birthday parties – every event in the “LADOGA” restaurant will remain in your memory by atmosphere, services quality and gastronomic variety. Gastronomic wealth of “LADOGA” is for sincere joy of guests!

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