You want to immerse yourself in a New Year mood in a second...

Watch the film "Carnival Night" by the legendary Eldar Ryazanov, or even better - visit a party in the style of the famous Soviet musical!

You will enjoy an atmosphere of subtle cheerful humor and an amazing adventure in the world of music and dancing, familiar motives and new impressions.

Photozone in the form of a large clock with an adjacent multi-stage stage for the orchestra

Golden hits of the 50's in the performance of the matchless Anastasia Martynova

Soviet slot machines

Everyone will be able to record a video greeting from the past on the only one-of-a-kind "Ladoga Manor" film studio equipped with chromakey technology

Carbonated water from the machine AT-26, the genuine Soviet champagne and, of course, sandwiches with caviar 

A lot of interesting hoaxes and interactive activities

"There is a guideline to celebrate the New Year with joy"

We invite you to Ladoga Manor, which will be filled with fun, holiday and magic, and, of course, with the sounds of the New Year's hit "Five Minutes", organically flowing into the battle of the chimes.

We will do everything to embody the spirit of that era, you can only come and spend an unforgettable "Carnival Night"!

And that's not all - time travel will not be limited to food and music, because we've prepared something truly magical - absolutely every guest will be able to record a video greeting from the past on the only one of its kind in the "Ladozhskaya Usadba" film studio equipped with a chromakey technology .

Everything is just beginning and the main thing is "Do not lose the ticket!"