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One of the most beautiful places on earth

One of the most beautiful places on earth

In the very heart of Karelia

There is a place the beauty of which does not leave anyone indifferent.  This is a land of glacial origin – Karelia. Here, on the shore of the largest lake in Europe – Ladoga, the Severnoe Priladozhie stretches out.  It delights people with its abundant nature, crystal-clear water, transparent air, wealth of nature gifts and animal world.

From time immemorial amazing in all senses and mysterious island of Valaam has been the gem of Severnoe Priladozhie.  Natural primeval beauty and ecology of Karelia, island of Valaam attract millions of tourists to Severnoe Priladozhie all the year round. One can feel refreshment of mind and body, enjoy landscapes and charge with the most powerful energy of this magic corner of the world.  Another brilliant gem of Karelia - “Ladozhskaya usadba” is situated only in 40 minutes from Valaam, among picturesque Ladoga skerries.

Since 1892

About century and a half has passed since the moment of Ladozhskaya usadba founding. Master and landowner Oskar Nissinen built it in 1892. The life of usadba in 19 century passed vividly and eventfully: breathtaking welcomes of high-ranking persons took place here at those distant times. 

Time has passed, Ladozhskaya usadba went through a number of events, but it didn’t lose its individuality and proper temporal way of life. At the present time on the territory of ancient estate there is hotel complex “Ladozhskaya usadba” that was restored according to historical drafts and documents. Restoration work of architectural and historical buildings reconstruction is still continuing, but right now you will be surprised by developed in accordance with the most demanding modern rest requirements infrastructure of “Ladozhskaya usadba”.  Comfortable cottages and town houses, improved territory, high quality service, fascinating leisure, cordiality and courtesy of the personnel makes rest in Usadba really unforgettable.

There is always desire to return to “Ladozhskaya usadba”.


Accommodation: hotel complex “Ladozhskaya usadba” is already ready to place comfortably about 90 persons. One-storied cottages, two-storied cottages and town houses the area of which is more than 100 sq. m. are waiting for you on the bank of picturesque sunny bay Niemeliankhovi that is protected against the winds. In each house there are 3 bedrooms with separate bathrooms, modern kitchen with electrical equipment and crockery, open terrace, panoramic view, ground for barbecue, sauna, satellite television, Wi-Fi. For your comfort and safety there are closed secured territory, large car parking, pier for cutters and helipad. 


Besides natural beauty of Karelia and recreation at the comfortable cottages, “Ladozhskaya usadba” has prepared complex of entertainment and health improvement services specially for you: bath complex with 2 sections on the lake shore; all-season fishing with instructor; entertainment complex including bowling for 4 lanes, billiard, slot machines. In summer you are offered the next services: mountain bike ride, nordic walking tracks, rent of catamarans, rowing boats and rubber motor boats; water skiing, table tennis and badminton. In winter snowmobile rides, winter fishing and undoubtedly bath complex with frosty plunge pools are especially popular. 

Excursion programs round the historical sights and picturesque routes: “Valaam Island”, “Pyatiozerie” “Ladoga skerries”, Sortavala “Mramorny canion” and museum of Cronid Gogolev. 

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For children: children's playground equipped with slide and swings; squirrel house; bikes; table tennis and badminton; board games. 

“Ladozhskaya usadba” is a wonderful place for private rest and conducting of corporate events. 

We have everything, the only thing we need is your presence. 

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