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Bath complex

Bath complex in the “Ladozhskaya usadba” was created for those who appreciate health-giving rest in luxurious atmosphere. Here you can forget about everyday vanity and troubles and plunge into the world of bliss and insouciance. Scrupulous neatness and order, qualitative equipment, broad spectrum of bath complex services embody all ideas about bath complex that unites traditions of Russian sweating-rooms and modern conceptions of comfort. It is pleasant to gather group of friends, invite partners for the negotiations here. 

Bath complex with two sections is located in the solitary place on the shore of Ladoga lake. The complex comprises: Russian sweating-room, spacious shower rooms, massage parlor, rest zone in open air equipped with a brazier, rest zone in the premises including mini kitchen, cosy sofas, big dressing room and saunas. The complex comfortably houses a company of 10 persons in each section. 

Peculiarities of the bath complex:

Overstorey of the complex is made of African oak of high quality, walls of spacious sweating room are covered up with ecologically clean linden. In two steps from the sweating room and rest zone there are pontoon-bridges which let you to dip comfortably into the waters of Ladoga. In winter persons wishing to get unbelievable outburst of adrenaline have possibility to dive into specially prepared ice-hole.  The interior rest zone of the bath complex is a large placement with panoramic windows commanded  the unbelievable view of even glassy lake surface, virgin nature, charming  expanses of Ladoga. Bath complex of the “Ladozhskaya usadba ”can satisfy every your desire. If you want solitude and peace, or on the contrary your soul is begging for joy and merriment in the company of your friends - everything is possible, you should only choose it. 

We invite you and your friends to spend time pleasantly in the comfortable atmosphere of the bath complex. Visited the bath complex in the “Ladozhskaya usadba”, you will relax your body and soul, you will be able to charge with energy for a week in advance. 

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