SPA services

We offer
  • Classic soaring
  • Hay for soaring
  • Soaring for kids
  • Different types of scrubs
  • Tea ceremonies
  • Soap massage

types of scubs


service packages

2000 rub

soap massage

Classic SPA services

Classic soar
Description: steaming is conducted by a master oak or birch brooms, depending on the preferences of each guest.

Duration: 5 to 15 minutes (depending on physical fitness)

1700 rub per person

Hay for soaring

Description: any procedure of soaring at your request can be carried out on fragrant meadow hay, creating comfort and special conditions for soaring.

500 rub for a bag of hay

Children's soaring

Description: individual soaring for kids under 12 years of age in the presence of parents

850 rub per person

A complex of two soarings

Description: includes two classical soarings, between which the procedure of hardening is included.

3900 rub per person

Soap Massage

Description: traditionally Russian procedure, carried out either with oak or birch brooms, using tar soap. Gives you a feeling of purity, lightness and will remove all the accumulated fatigue. Duration: 15-20 minutes

2200 rub per person

Standard, one-time procedures


Honey Scrub

Ingredients: honey, salt
Description: cleanses the skin, promotes the removal of toxins, nourishes and moisturizes the skin
Duration: 15-20 minutes

2200 rub per person

Anti-cellulite scrub

Ingredients: honey, salt, sour cream, coffee, seaweed
Description: The components improve tone and smooth the skin
Duration: 15-20 minutes

2500 rub per person

Firming Scrub

Description: the composition of scrub improves the immune system of the skin and the whole body, and pine essential oils will give you cheerfulness and good mood
Duration: 15-20 minutes

2200 rub per person

The procedure, which is carried out by a specialist after visiting the steam room. Promotes renewal and improvement of skin condition

Service Packages

For true gourmets

The ritual allows both in the heat and cold to restore the body, remove psychological and physical fatigue, stress and tune in to rest

7000 rub per person

Herbal Ritual

Our most fragrant offer for one person. All procedures are performed using herbs in different combinations.

7400 rub per person

Russian Tempering

The package will deliver a range of vivid impressions and will allow you to enjoy the contrast even to a sophisticated lover of bath procedures

5600 rub per person

Russian soul

All procedures included in the package are adapted for foreign guests. Our specialists will acquaint you with the traditions of Russian culture in the bathing business and leave vivid memories of Karelian hospitality.

9300 rub per person

Relax for two

A set of procedures for two, which will help to relax as much as possible with your soul and body. Soarings are held in the hay with the addition of aroma herbs, soothing and relaxing the nervous system.

11700 rub per two people

Batch offers for corporate groups

When buying any package hay for soaring and a tea ceremony - as a gift.

Four packages: 30000 rub, 45000 rub, 60000 rub, 85000 rub

SPA services for women

Velvet skin

A delicate and gentle procedure will allow you to loosen, soak and improve the skin. The offer is suitable for women who do not tolerate hot temperatures.

6100 rub per person


All procedures are aimed at loosening and purification of the whole organism, after them the lightness in the whole body is felt.

11800 rub per person

Aroma-procedure "Relax"

The whole procedure is aimed at maximum relaxation and achieving inner harmony

7800 rub per person

Anti-cellulite treatment

Complex anti-cellulite procedure allows you to maximize blood circulation and improve skin tone. It is very good for prevention of cellulite, improves the general condition of the skin.

13500 rub per person