There is a small village of Niemelianhovi with a population of just over 250 people in 16 km distance from the city of Sortavala and in 35 from the island of Valaam. In the center of the village is the Manor with the same name of Niemelianhovi.

XIX century

In 1892 a stone cattle-breeding complex was built nearby. In 2 years a large carriage shed was built. There was a wooden granary for the storage of grain crops in the Manor. A brick elevator was built later. A versatile farm, the one that the Manor was in the late 19th century, was demanded by workers. A dwelling house and a building of training workshops were built to train qualified farmers. The farmstead was equipped with necessary modern facilities and equipment.

There were mill, butter factory, sawmill, tractor, machinery. The source of energy was the steam engine locomobile, ordered in Varkaus, which raised and heated the water, turned the mill, thresher, saws, also the dairy separators and churn. We also established an ideal garden and soon our power plant. Later, a family company was founded for the production of Nemel's brick from natural clay on the shores of Ladoga in Nemelianhovi.


Nissinens created a golden time in the developing and blooming Karelia. The spouses received prestigious prizes and high awards for their numerous achievements in various fields. They were particularly noted by the government for their contribution to the development of agriculture, science, as well as for multifaceted public activities.

XX century