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History of the Usadba

In 16 kilometers from the city of Sortavala and in 35 kilometers from the Valaam island there is a small settlement of Niemeliankhovi, the population of which is a little bit more than 250 persons. In the centre of the settlement Usadba of the same name of Niemeliankhovi is located.

ΧΙΧ century

The Usadba and complex of building holdings were founded by Master and landowner Oskar Nissinen in the end of the nineteenth century.


In 1892 there appeared first and main two-storied wooden building – master’s estate. Built in the epoch of “Nordic modern” style it was situated on the top of the hill commanding view of the bay and it was the composition centre of the estate. Near the master’s house there later appeared other buildings that in the course of time made up complete homestead.  

One of the first buildings that appeared there in 1880 were stone pigsty and building of cattle shed (cow shed).  In four years, in 1984 another building was built – stable (coach-house).  For storage of grain crops in Usadba there was wooden granary, later brick grain elevator was built. Multi industry farm, as was Usadba in the end of 19 century needed working hands.

The dwelling house was built specially for the workers. 

ΧΙΧ century

In those days teachers of contemporary dances were invited from Helsinki to Sortavala to teach young Soviet generation. Usadba Niemeliankhovi was a popular dancing place. Here gathered numerous guests, big welcomes took place. Usadba had its pier from which the steamer “Sukkela” that belonged to Oskar Nissinen sailed off en route Sortavala - Niemelyansalmi. 


In the 1930th Usadba and agriculture school in Niemeliankhovi were tourism objects. In 1937-1939 the touristic organization of Finland offered route No. 212 “Lakhdenpokhiya – Sortavala” to the tourists. In the course of the route one could see and familiarize with activity of cattle-breeders and oilers school.


In the initial period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 the Usadba was in the zone of military actions.

After war termination, in 1946 the labor settlement was placed in the buildings of the Usadba that was functioning about 10 years, and later, till the end of the 1980th there was medical establishment. 

In the 90th years of the 20th century the complex was in bad condition, slow process of desolation and destruction took place. In 1990 the city of Sortavala was included into the list of historical cities of Russian Federation. Thereon in the beginning of the 1990th the inventory of historical and cultural monuments took place. As a result of conducted works the part of buildings of the “Ladozhskaya usadba” was recognized as historical and cultural monuments. 


Restoration and reconstruction works of the “Ladozhskaya usadba” in Niemeliankhovi have started in 2011 and continue till the present time. The main task of architects and masters in 21 century was to return historical look of big Finnish agricultural Usadba of the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries of Severnoe Priladozhie.

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