Along the Ladoga Skerries

We offer
  • route in the coastal strip, along a rugged line of the skerry zone
  • arrival to the islands
  • a trip to the virgin forest of the continent
  • view of steep cliffs with stalagmites and stalactites
  • ice-bound open space of Ladoga
20 km


Price list

Trip on an air cushion (aerosleigh) along the Ladoga skerries

15000 rub per 1 hour for 5 people

Snowmobile route "Mountain Aino"

Length: 50 km, 2.5 hours.

Route: Tikhaya Bay - the Island of Memories (Finnish lighthouse) - Ladoga Islands - Aino mountain

12500 rub. for 1 snowmobile for 1-2 people

Snowmobile route "Putsaari Island"

Length: 40 km, 2 hours.

Route: Putsaari Island - Lake Elkhead - Finnish School

10,000 rub. for 1 snowmobile for 1-2 people

Snowmobile route "Pellotsaari Island" 

Length: 80 km, 3 hours.

Route: Aino Mountain - Toulonsaari Island - Pellotsaari Island (Fields Island) - Finnish Lighthouse

20,000 rubles. for 1 snowmobile for 1-2 people